torek, 26. februar 2008

Tignes Val claret (France)

So I went, for the first time for whole week of skiing and went to Tignes France. It is close to Val D`isere.
My girlfriends family, my brother and some friends took almost 900 km ride to France. Place for skiing like nowhere else. Hundreds of km of ski slopes, 2 days just to get from one site to another, snow that crushes under your feet, that was the place where we spend for 6 days.
I can say that it was worth it.
Thank god we came back in one piece :) So hang gliding won`t suffer.
It is nice to get back in to an almost spring temperatures.

I made the video of our week. Take a look....

četrtek, 07. februar 2008


The harness has finally arrived. It is so tight that I will be afraid to drink a beer :) After 2 months of long waiting, I hope I will soon be able to test it. Right after I got it the snow came and has made the top full white.... No comment.
So, more waiting...