ponedeljek, 28. april 2008

Greifenburg the spot to fly

Finally the austrians puted the wirelles price a bit down, so you are able to have it all the time here in the bar of the Flieger camp. Last 2 days we were making short tasks with XC group.
Yesterday was THE DAY, cloud base up to 3200 m, so we set the task to 48 km. A lot of pilots from the group made it and enjoyed the great high views of the Alps.
Today it was a bit more dificult but still possible to make a short task over the valley. It is a new experience for me and I like it. Rob and Desiree are making a great job with their scholl. I am amased of how much effort they are taking for their schollers to get the best of hang gliding in the safest way. Truly a people that this sports need.

Here are some pictures from last 2 days.

petek, 25. april 2008

Learning with the Dutch scholl Fenix

Today I am leaving for Greifenburg to teach and help pilots from scholl DELTVLIEG CLUB FENIX. I will help the pilots who are flying cross country, break the distances and learn from each other. It will be a realy good experience for me as I will see how the other scholls are working and then try to take the skills for my scholl here in Slovenia. Rob Van der Ledden invited me and I am trilled to help.
I am excited about flying in Greifenburg again, the area is realy nice to fly and in June I will compete there in Europians so every minute in the air there helps me to fly better. There is also the Austrian open there in this week so it will be interesting to be at the spot of the competition and fly relaxed around, looking from another angel to the competititon.
I will write about the days that we will be trough and some pictures will get to this blog also, so keep in touch with me :)

ponedeljek, 07. april 2008

National leauge on Kovk

National leauge at Kovk starting place in a beautiful sprin day, 73 km task, 2nd in goal :) Nice day to hang out with fellow pilots from Slovenia.
Here are some pictures from the comp
In the air

After the comp BEER

New pilot arriving