nedelja, 24. avgust 2008

My home valley from above

Here are some pictures from Tolmin valley.

Starting place Kobala

Small villiage Most na Soči with a lake beside

View up the valley to Kobarid

Higher mountains

nedelja, 10. avgust 2008

3th last task (Kobala open 2008)

So we have come to an end of Kobala open competition. Last day we had a task of 86 km. The day looked great in the morning but the clouds came so we started in a zero lift and found the first lift 3 km away from the start. Primož Gričar won the day before Elio Cataldi and Stanislav Galovec. Elio won the competition overall and
Primož became a Slovenian national winner.
Here are some fotos from the price giving ceremony.

Official results are here

petek, 08. avgust 2008

2. Task (Kobala open 2008)

Yesterday we had a 102 km task here. The task was quite dificult as only 3 pilots made it to the goal. Strong east wind was washing us on the start with the turbulence but it calmed down a bit trough the day. Elio Cataldi won the day before Peter Kejzar and Stanislav Galovec. Today the weather doesn`t look so god so we hope for tomorow.

Here are the pictures from yesterday

A view to the valley

Elio the winner and now overall leader

Grico posing

Start on Kobala

A visitor in the morning

Landing field

sreda, 06. avgust 2008

3th day (Kobala open)

Task cancelled for today as we were suprised by a strong east wind weach didn`t calm down till the evening. Tomorow looks great for flying so we will arange something a bit longer for the competitiors.

1. task (Kobala open 2008)

So we had our first task yesterday with 70 km lenght. The weather looked not so promesing after first starts only Cataldi and Primoz and Franc did to the top of the mountain next to Kobala. We ran around the start to the next ridge and found a nice thermal. After that the task was much easier but I made a mistake on the ridge and landed after 33 km. Too bad.
First in goal was Primoz before Matjaz Cater and 3th was Elio Cataldi. See the results here

torek, 05. avgust 2008

Second day (Kobala open)

We are leaving for the top today. The weather looks somwhere in the middle so we will see about making maybe a short task for today.

ponedeljek, 04. avgust 2008

1st day task cancelled (Kobala open 2008)

The weather forecast was for overcasted area and possibility of thunderstorms so we decided to cancel todays task. Some flew from Kobala but the weather doesn`t provide a taskable day.
We are looking forward for tomorow.

Pictures coming soon.

nedelja, 03. avgust 2008

KOBALA OPEN is starting in 3 hours

Today at 8th pm we have an opening ceremony. Today many pilots already flew from Kobala. Many good pilots are coming with Ellio Cataldi (Europian champion) our best Primoz Gricar and so on.
Tomorw in the morning we start with a task days. Hope for a good weather.
Stay tuned for more infos about the comp.