ponedeljek, 22. junij 2009

Taking my girlfriend to the sky

When Slovenian team was packing everything for Laragne me and my girlfriend went to test our new AEROS Target tandem. Nice evening flight from Kobala showed me that the glider is safe in all prospects, easy to handle nice in the thermals and stable on start.
Mean while I am checking all the pictures that are coming now or from blogs or from Facebook and have mixed emotions while I am not there seeing all the people and feel the rush of the competition. Well Slovenia has a realy good team this year and I am sure that it is going to be thrilling to look at results every day. So for all of you who are in Laragne enjoy the time there!

Here is the video from a easy flight with my girlfriend

ponedeljek, 15. junij 2009

Last national league comp day 118 km

After my long no flying days we got the date for the last comp in our national league. Lucky for me only 3 best flights were counted this year so I had a chance to make something out of it aldo I did not flew last 2 comps. We had this task on my home mountain Kobala and finnaly a good day was forecasted and even strogn wind from the morning calmed down. We set up a task of 118 km zigzaging the valley all around but it was interesting task with many possible tracks. I was lucky holding first position until one point on the mountain where I could not reach 30 m more to get it so I had to cross the valley and start back from quite low. Here we got together with other pilots. We flew together but the first tree outclimbed me and passed me for some minutes. I ended up 4th on this day and 3rd in overall national league. Quite lucky I guess after being grounded by the injury. My student Polona made some realy nice pictures from the competition. Enjoy them.

ponedeljek, 01. junij 2009

Rough air in Bassano or a comercial for sprog settings in Laragne :)

I was browsing my old video from Bassano this year and I remember when I flew with a camera and had a small weightless moment. Finnaly I found that spot in the video where I get a punch from above and as u look at the video it actually does`t look that bad at all but in first hand experience you get big eyes for a moment :)

Enjoy the vid, the happening is at 12 second.