petek, 31. julij 2009

4th task, Buzet Croatia

And again it happened. Same like last year I made a mistake on one day and been bombed out. We had a task 95 km long and the day looked better then the previous. I thermal up to the celling of 1800m and started with the first time but by myself. Over the valley I found no lift in a no landing area and returned back to Buzet flying trough the gorge very low. I managed to the safe landing and then looked at the others flying more to the north with nice thermals. Dan won the day ahead of Primoz. Today it is very windy so we don't know about the task but I hope for it as I fell down on the overall results a lot. Today is the last day of competition. That would be all for now.

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sreda, 29. julij 2009

3. task, Buzet 130 km and the RESULTS

Seems like 130 km task was too much today to make it. We had a very beautiful flight in to the center of Istria and on the last part blue sky waited for us. Many of us landed when flying into this blue area. Jan from Chech republic flew the most but ended up before goal. I finished 6th today Alan was 5th and Primoz was second. It was a hard day with easy thermals so we were scraching first kilometers really slow, but the view payed all. Primoz spend 6 and a half hours in the air so it tells how hard it was. The competition is running smooth and we will fly more for next two days. I improve my position to 6th place overall so I look forward for next two days. I managed to get the results to the blog as Leo lend me his computer with mobile internet. Here you have the results from today and overall results. It is made like a picture but I could not make it other way.

P.s.: Sorry for not writing the emails back but here I am totally unpluged so I hope to get it in Italy and respond to you all.

Here are the results

torek, 28. julij 2009

2nd task, Buzet, Croatia

Today the front was very near to us but it passed us around so we had a nice 84 task over the flatlands. I was doing great in the middle but went down 10 km before goal. Me and Primoz landed near the last turn point while looking at the others passing above as the shade disapired. Seems like we will fly whole week and then we hope to get in time for Monte Cucco. Joze Frim won the day ahead of Alan, good job! Now sleeping at a relaxing start of Raspadalica.

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ponedeljek, 27. julij 2009

Today we had a 74km task. It was a blue sky day with scattered thermals. Quite hard for me as made a lot of mistakes during the flight. Many low safes but in the end i made it to the goal. There were I think from 5 to 10 pilots in the goal but we had 4 start gates so no one knows. Primoz is here with his new aeros 2010 proto. It looks realy good and the pictures will come when I get wirelles, the phone just doesnt work. That is all for today.

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petek, 24. julij 2009

Packing time

We finnaly packed up all the things we need for another 14 days away at the comps. First we will go to Croatia to Buzet and fly the Croatian and CHE nationals. After that we will move to Monte Cucco for so called pre pre worlds. It is been long time since my last comp from Bassano. It will be a good training for our nationals that starts on 16th of August. If you would like to join us at Kobala open feel free to sign in at

So tommorow morning our car will be filled to the roof and of we go. Finnaly. I hope to get some wirelles conection to bring you the touch of our flying.