sobota, 30. januar 2010

Slovenia has 4 new pilots

After long 2 years, yesterday our students made it to the last and practical flight to show their skills to comission for pilot licences.
We went to Kovk starting place which was covered in ice, we had to cut the path to start normally but gentle breezze took everyone to the sky with out any problems.
So we have, 4 new pilots and more are aproching on west and east side of Slovenia. I have to say that I feel that hang gliding is slowly regaining new pilots and more and more people are starting to fly with hang glider. It is also nice to see many new young people at the competitions, but, maybe it is just me getting older :)

četrtek, 21. januar 2010

January poetry

I have to be one lucky guy. While whole Europe is in snow and in Australia they have problems with weather I have here 15 minutes from home a true spring conditions with 5 m/s thermals. It is the area of AEROS winter race competition. Last three days I spent in the air and it feels realy good to have muscle reactions in the same place as they were in the middle of the season last year.
Yesterday we had a nice flight together with Lupo (the Hazard designer, maybe some pilots remember this glider) and Davide the leading guy of alpeadria flights( We flew the 40 km ridge and enjoyed the views of snow in the Alps and on the top of the ridge.
In this three days I was also able to test my HD GoPro. I bought a retractable stick for 10 EUR, a gardening stick :) Mounted it on the base bar with elastic rope and "wola" great pictures and videos are here. Many questions were how to edit the HD videos. I found Pinnacle studio pro 14 to be good but of course quite slow. Paitence needs to be part of editing this videos untill we don`t get super computers in our hands :)

Here is a touch of the area where we will fly soon on AEROS winter race (note the ramp start is not on the list of starts in the comp)