ponedeljek, 19. april 2010

Clean your country in one day

Estonia did this action 2008 and some people organised the same one day action here in Slovenia on this weekend. There are 2 million people in Slovenia and belive it or not there where 250.000 people on that day, cleaning every corner of their land.
Our free flying club also assisted in the action and cleaned big area around the landing field. You see the bushes and trees but you don`t see what is hiding inside, lots looots of trash.

There where 60.000 m3 of trash colected in one day. It is a good example for all countries to use. I hope it will become a tradition and there will be every year so many people attending this super green day.

petek, 16. april 2010

The GoPro mount to the base bar

There where many people asking about how I mounted the camera to the speed bar. Since I don`t have time to fabricate something fancy it was a short trip to the first gardening store where I searched for a retractable tube. I found a very nice tube that has this ability and in the end it doesn`t go appart so I don`t have to worry about pulling the tube so much out that it would actualy fall out.
This is the first high tech peace that you need for this mount. I found it for 10 EUR. Next high tech peace is elastic rope with which you attach the tube in to the area where speed bar and upright are conected. You can squeeze the tube in that place so it is fixed in all directions.
NExt high tech thing is with the GoPro. I used a tripod mount which I had to order with my camera and then I used the mount from Compeo or Flytec or.... To attach the camera to the tube.
It is not the less weight solution but it is good to have a possibility to turn the camera in what direction you want. See the pictures to understand this realy high tech solution :)

The elastic mount

There is one big fault to this design. You need to land properly because the tube wont move if you land your nose down... :)

četrtek, 08. april 2010

Video of a dream

The dream day also in moving picture

Take the link to youtube for a better quality

The dream after Bassano

Already in Bassano I was watching the forecast for my home town Tolmin and it looked great for Tuesday. I had one day off more before returning to work and scholl and the day looked like a day to use. I was trilled to fly again in Tolmin after a long winter where I flew on Lijak in Nova Gorica. Ridge is the ridge, mountains are the mountains. I prepared myself already one day before with my new gadget GoPro camera and my mount to the base bar for it. My goal was to reach the mountains in the back of Kobala. The day was totaly clear with out clouds with a bit of north wind. There were many dust devils on Kobala take off so I was holding the glider quite many times. After the start it didn`t looked good but soon I thermaled high enough to reach for the mountains. Well after that, let the pictures speak for themselves.
The video is coming soon.

My beautiful home valley

In to the wild

ponedeljek, 05. april 2010

nedelja, 04. april 2010

Bassano day 4

As predicted, the sky is overcasted and it will start to rain soon. No task today but we have RESULTS from yesterday. Our Franc Peternel is now 4th overall, way to go! Primoz slided down to 19th place and I am on 37th. Lets hope for tommorow to fix this result a little bit. Seems like yesterday Thiene area was trap for many many pilots, 18 pilots made it around in the end. Siteseeing today

sobota, 03. april 2010

2nd task 3th day of Bassano 2010

The organisators predicted small task for today but in the end they made it almost
the same as yesterday with first turn point more in the flats, around 100km. There was rain predicted for afternoon so they sent us in the air much earlier. We started at 12:45 with a big gaggle under low cloudbase. I though I started good but then I saw guys starting from the other side of the start pylon with a much bigger height.
We scratched at low heights and in the end I made it to the cloud base again. We flew to Thiene again. Over the huge plateu there was rain waiting for us. I crossed the valley with to less height. Seppi was sctratching low and eventually made it back up. I looked for a better thermal and of course did not find it. It was a slow though race. I think some 10 to 20 made it to the goal. Manfred Rhumer won the day. This was the first group that passed the rain that came after Thiene soon as I landed. Primoz unfortunatly landed some km over me, too bad due to yesterday good win. Peternel was in top 10 again today.
For tommorow they predict rain and no task. We are here in caravan in rain and thank good for this small little thing called heather which is making our lives here a pleasure. At the landing field there is a traditional fair of free flying gear. I had chance to actually see my picture in Cross country magazine in April issue.
It was the photo that won the facebook competition.
Richard Lovelace sent me the link to the RESULTS of the first day. Here there should be also the results from today soon.
So in the end we flew for two days now. I hope that tommorow goes over fast, so on Monday we get some flying.

Here are some pictures from today

petek, 02. april 2010

1. task second day of Bassano 2010

We had a nice, around 100 km task today. A standard direction to Thiene where we had second turnpoint and then back to Asolo on the flats before reaching the goal. The day was good with strong thermals, and lots of nice clouds which where not always a marker of a good thermal. There is still a lot of moisture so even nicest cumuluses where not always promesing. I did quite good until I pushed to low to the Asolo turnpoint so I landed 200 m short of goal cilinder. The trees where just getting biger and biger so I decided to land before and not look for my luck at passing power lines and tree line.
Our Primoz won the day. I forgot how where next places, it would be nice if organisators would put those results on internet which is realy easy thing to do, but,,,,. Franc Peternel was 9th and I was 27th after a mistake on a final glide.
We hope for a task tommorow aldo weather doesn`t look so good.

Now it is sleeping time after a long italian slow food dinner.

Here is a picture of Primoz coming in to the goal. Picture was tken by Steve Leeman.

četrtek, 01. april 2010

Bassano 2010

Bassano is again looking like the real Bassano. Mud everywhere, rain every 5 minutes, and cold, but not that much as in year 2008.
Today they cancelled the first task already at the morning briefing. Pilots went to the top and flew a bit. I was a driver today for Primoz and Franc and I flet like a tourist with camera on the take off. For next days they say that we should definetly fly tommorow and the day after, then for sunday we should see. At the landing I had a chance to picture Manfred smugeling around T2c and a Litespeed with a tail.
So here we are in caravan in mud feeling touristic.... I hope tommorow comes fast.

Manfred looking for "something"

Moyes with a tail