četrtek, 25. november 2010

Aeros WINTER race

It is on again. Aeros was so satisfied with last year organisation that they decided to do it again in Vipava valley. It started with winds over 200 km/h but already next day we flew. This years date is set to 16th to 20th February. If this date does not provide enough good weather then there is a reserve date 23th to 27th of February.

It is going to be cold this year, I guess, but the area of Vipava provides some of the most amazing flying in that period. So, are you willing to start early this year? Go and check the HOME PAGE of Aeros winter race.

nedelja, 21. november 2010

Drowning land

Slovenia is in past month a land of rain. I think I saw sun for 3 times this month. Doesn`t help you with your thoughts either not with your general feelings.
Seems like it autunm is an era of problems which feel even bigger when you don`t get the satisfaction of flying for a long time. I was working late this friday and woke up to a strange light out of the window. THE SUN!
As I had to work early again I woke up my room mate and beggged him for his paraglider. While still half sleeping he asked me why the hell I will fly and why he won`t. Don`t worry you can sleep longer today as weather is like sh.... I said to him :)

It was like sh.. but it was possible to just jump down and have at least a small spark in this era of rain. Here is a shot from Saturday.