sreda, 26. januar 2011

This is it

I have it, thanks to my computer that was having really hard times lately. Here is the final edititon of my entry to Nokia N8 contest. You can help me too by sharing the video around the globe as they might look at the views also. There are 8 judges who will decide which are the best video entries to the contest.

Feel free to share it around.

I have to thank to many people who helped me out last 3 weeks.
Janez Zega for his amazing voice
Primoz and Marko for the glider
Regina for acting so good :)
Danijel for rock part music
Ales and friends for help with dolly production
Weather for some amazing shots :)
Ana for a ride :)
Joze for the glide camera

It has been an interesting experience for me as I had to do everything from the scratch. I was not familiar with the actual phone, not with the rigs not with anything so there where numerous visits to hardware store.
No wide lens but the quality is outstanding for the phone.

Enjoy in it and share wherever you can.

There is a like button option on NOKIA web page if you like HERE

sreda, 19. januar 2011

The race is on

I got Nokia by mail last Friday so the race is on since then. Unbelievable how good camera the N8 has compared to that that this is still a phone. I am competing with the weather this days. Primoz Regina and me experienced some nice waves above Vipava valley while waiting for the flight that never happened.

We got more lucky on Sunday where we where able to just jump down as inversion layer was too low. Regina showed her abilities of acting in the air so we made some nice close up shots in the air. Here is a frame taken from a video that day. Thank you Regina for this one and for other presents :)

Primoz was here with his 13.5 which looks great on the ground and in the air. I am regaining the confidence with handling that this glider should have. I flew with 13,2 which was much more sensitive than mine 13,7 so 13.5 should be good in the air. I am waiting for next month to get it.

Monday was the day where I was left with out flying again as fog came under the start so safe landing was impossible. Still I got some nice shots over the sunset on ramp with the use of glide cam for the first time.
Now snow is predicted so I desperately hope for a good weather next days so I get a chance to get more aerial shots for Nokia video contest.
Here are some pictures from 13.5

sreda, 12. januar 2011

Nokia n8 producers

One week ago, I received a message on Youtube, which I usually take as a 80 % spam. It was even worse when I saw that it was headlined with “Would you like to be a N8 Producer?”

Well, I said, let`s have a look at it, in the end I would like to be a producer somehow :)

I opened the message where it was clearly seen that it was sent just to my name and was followed by the words where a girl named Lydia from Womworld said how they like my hang gliding videos.
Not a spam anymore.

I read all the message where it was described that they want me to produce a 3 minute video with brand new Nokia N8. They would send it to me for 14 days where I will have a chance to make out of it as much as I can.

First 8 winning videos will get the price, 1 week of Florida for two persons at Cape Canaveral the zero G experience. Yes Tim, you should maybe schedule for a flight back home in beginning of March :)

I took a chance to play the game, so I sent an email to this nice miss Lydia where we scheduled my 14 days for last two weeks in January.

The package is shipped so I am expecting it to arrive on Friday. The idea was born, now the procedure of making the rigs for the camera is going on. Oh, I am with out the glider at moment, but thankfully my ex-student will land me his Combat 07 for aerial shots. Primoz was also willing to help me and have a test flights here in Nova Gorica with his new 13.5 Combat.

So, if everything comes together with a great factor of weather I should be having the video on to participate in the Nokia N8 competition.

If it happens for real it will be great, if not I am pleased that my videos have been noticed.

Stressful 14 days ahead of me :)

sreda, 05. januar 2011

Slowing down the take off

As I saw what is possible to do with this "slow down the movie plugin" I wanted to take a look at takeoff also. I took one where I shot from the wing, since we have an upside down option on GoPro it is easier to do it. This was launch on the ramp above Gorica on a day with really low wind.

On the last day of the year Polona got us together by emails, the idea was to see each other and fly on the last day of the year. I humbly asked if I am allowed to come with a paraglider as I am with out the wing at the moment :=) They allowed me to come.

Well it was nice as I did not had to carry the glider for last km to the starting place on Kovk, but, in the air, ah in the air….
Quite many pilots came, I saw also some new faces under the hang gliders and even better, young faces :=)

There is one thing I found out this day while flying, shift gear down while flying a school paraglider as when you turn around you might see that you are quite low for a glide to the landing :=)