sreda, 28. marec 2012


Since Winter race finished I am at work every day for 9 days now while I have to look at the guys at 3000m over Lijak take off flying the best weather in the year.
I could catch a bit of it before work but my car refused to help as it has problems with his engine so I am ground "dead".
Really really frustrating times, missing some of the best weather you can get here. Lets just hope it lasts for Bassano and I get some flying back from what work took from me.

Valic brothers?
2 brothers from Vipava valley, one of the best pg pilots in the world went on their own path producing their own wings now under the brand TRIPLE SEVEN. They already certified a wing that I might get a chance to fly one day, a easy wing with XC abilities. Well it is still a jelly ;) But they look very promising.
Why am I writing that?
Because they got a chance to fly in Tolmin over the mountain tops in the back of Tolmin and made a really nice video of it. Here is the video to look at. Damn I miss mountain flying!

torek, 20. marec 2012

Video from Saturday of Winter race

My friend Uros was free flying on Saturday, last day of Winter race. He was able to capture the feeling of flying when the clouds showed up. Well he had time to fly around them, we did not but still you will get the feeling of flying here watching his video :)

Organisers also made a good job of inviting the journalists to the race.

There was one small article in local newspaper and a huge one over one big site in national newspaper. Another great article that explains the sport in the true light, not trough the scary and heroic stuff but true beauty and respect to the nature we have doing this beautiful sport.

For Slovenian readers or if you know Slovenian language you can read the article here

Otherwise here is a picture of huge page that had this lovely article on it.

sobota, 17. marec 2012

3rd task 4th day of Winter race

Whoever thought that RACE name in the tittle of the comp can actually affect the comp so much...

Today we gathered at take off, while I hardly believed we will actually fly as the forecast was due to a really strong W wind.
I got my glider together and did not even touched the harness but in the end it all started to happen as the race will go on. 102 km long task, while I was thinking about we wont have it. Well the wind did not picked up so much so we where in the air in no time.

Clouds started to evolve quite early after we took off and soon we where out in the flats thermaling for the start height.
Booming conditions and a quick start to the race with high heights for most of the pilots. Considering the strong wind that was stronger with the height, those who where flying lower had a better air and where flying faster then the rest of us under the cloudbase.

61 km/h average at 100 km task tells the story of my home place :)

Here in March :D
I, however was slow too much, loosing every km by km from point to the point, you know the day when everything goes wrong :)

Well in the end I messed up the mess even more, went our to the flats and got to the cloudbase with really good thermal so I got in to the goal 15th almost half an hour behind the first. Not good at all but in the end I managed to stay in top 10 overall.

My glider? I can finally observe the race, not struggling for the best core as it does it by its self. Standing in the crowded space is a piece of cake as you can easily climb up among the others, it is just the decisions that make the difference and that is me, the pilot.
I had a great run with Christian Chiech, with his Laminar. I played out every thermal we got in together, I wont say much of the gliding as we chosen different lines when he got lower then me. In the end his practical knowledge got him in front of me. Hey, I have at least 15 years to learn the tricks that he knows at his age :)

He deserved to be the firs in the race as he chosen the best options and the best lines, Tom Weissebnberger did a great job on all days running for the podium, Christian Zehetmaier just did overall good job with push down to the balls racing days and got to the third place.

Good job for organisers :) When the weather is good it is easy, but yes they did a great job. I love seeing foreign pilots being satisfied with the organisation here.

Another great competition from this team.

Next Saturday, dogs races of our league competition, then Bassano, uh.... I hope my boss is not looking at this :D I know my pocket gives a f... about it, but I know I will when next "small" payment comes ;)

petek, 16. marec 2012

A race day

One said today, whoever turned today made a mistake. Well we had to fly out to the flats for the last turnpoint, so some thermaling was needed, but otherwise it was a ridge run all the way. Christian Chiech made few smart moves and won followed by Christian Zehetmaier and Andre Djamarani. I made it in ninth. Results should be on after 21pm. We have a party for pots today and tonirrow last day of the race, looks like another strong W wind day.



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3rd day second task

Today it all looks much nicer, wind sock pointing at the right direction at Kovk take-off. Looks like quite stable day awaits for us again with thermals punching trough the inversion layer. We will see what organisers will have to say about the task today.


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četrtek, 15. marec 2012

2nd day Winter race

When we drove with Jochen towards Ajdovscina with calm air in Gorica we where both surprised to see the wave clouds over the hills above the take off. Looks like almighty "burja" came in with strong E wind. No prediction was not showing us it might could happened so the organiser decided to push the nature and sent us to the Kovk take off.

Strong back wind, I thought it is going to be cancelled right away but organiser waited for the wind to drop down and turn.

It did drop down, so the first paragliders came over our heads thermaling, but for taking off it was too much back wind.
The Italians went to Lijak take off in Nova Gorica and flew over us very high yet we where sitting down all day trying to make the biggest joke out of the waiting time.

Task was finally cancelled and 3 pilots made it in to the air in a small period of, hm zero wind, I was prepared as well but had to derrig as the wind started from the back again.

Looks like a good day for tomorrow, at least I hope so :)

sreda, 14. marec 2012

1. task Aeros Winter race

First day, forst day of the season actually. No one was not questioning too much as everyone knew we re going up to fly tha task for sure.
Organisers did it it with 100 km task up and down the Vipava valley. Nothing really special, but with a nice crossing over the big gap towards Nova Gorica and my kinder garden flying place Lijak.

I did a bad start, actually I just made a decision on starting with the first start gate, because I saw how mane people went off. I can not stay behind, so I raced and already got with the first on the ridge towards Nanos antenna. Day had a lot of weight on how much you know the area as I had few times pushed on when I knew it could work our better and it did. I flew with Christian Chiech for quite some time, thermaling with him was like flying on powder always having my safe distance from him. I sleep too much in the last thermal where the group from behind catched us out on the flat and they made this 20 m more which was enough to put 4 pilots ahead of me on the last ridge racing part of the race.

Tom made quite a low and push race but in the end made it to the first place with 1000 points just seconds ahead of Christian Chiech and Davide Guiducii in third. I was racing with Christian Zehetmaier who kindly outraced me for some seconds. We where all in in less then a minute.

Nice race, nice task, tomorrow looks quite the same so we will see what organisers will have to tell us at the briefing at 12 on Kovk take off.

However, not a nice day for Monique who had an accident on landing when here rescue chute opened at 20 m so she punched down from there. She said she did not opened it so it looks like it was the very moment of system failure. She is in hospital stable and all of our thoughts are with her, we all know she is strong woman.

RESULTS (Every day on from 21pm, other organisers could learn something from that)

torek, 13. marec 2012

Practice day

I kind of went over a fever that grounded me past week after more than 10 years. I am not used to lay down all day and just sleep it over but somehow it looked like I needed that but just for 2 days after that I was already annoying to everyone in the room.

Polona came back from Australia with my new Matrix. I rushed to repack the chute and drive back to fly on Lijak. As it looked like a N wind this was a place to be. I flew straight to Ajdovscina to make a registration and got a ride back. Wonderful to have a comp in your home area, everything is simpler, yet we will see tomorrow in the air :) The real deal.

Looks like great weather for all days so long 5 days of racing ahead of us. Follow the official blog and my blog for all the details, I will be blogging live from the take off and goal ( I hope :) Still did not figure out how to write in the air :P
Twitter on your right, news in right here. Fingers crossed for a great race.

torek, 06. marec 2012

2011 year in 2.27 minutes

Year 2011 was quite a travel year for me. It al started with Florida and N8 producers trip from where it all started with a big kick :)
Having such a phone with me lead to that, that I have now many many footage from any kind of time in the year. Flying, partying, jokes, relaxing.... You name it.
Why not use them all in one video and make something out of it, anyway one day I will be able to look at that video as we look at the albums and say: "That was one hell of an interesting year"

Come on a trip with me ;)