nedelja, 30. december 2012

Venice - Dubai - Sydney - Forbes

The day has come. A bit of tetris game with packing all the stuff in to my harness. The long trip is here, a trip to World Championship 2013 in Frobes, Australia.
I love how Matrix goes smaller when you put the plates out, plenty of room for other stuff to put in to the bag and use it as a baggage for traveling.
A brand new Litespeed Rx is waiting for me down under, I got pictures and people telling me day saw it :) It makes you feeling a bit anxious with news like that :) Many people are already down under, testing the air, I will get my chance on second of January I guess.

I will spend my new years eve somewhere in the air.
When I land in Sydney I will meet up with Tyler from Canada with whom we will be a team for next 3 weeks. I heard just good stories about that man and I am looking forward to meet him in person. He made a huge work with getting us a driver and a van with which we will travel from Sydney to Forbes.
So, now, first stop Venice, 2 hour drive from home, then on flight to Dubai with Emirates and then second leg with a huge Airbus to Sydney.

Looks like I will have WiFi on board so you might get some news already from the air at little bellow mach speed :D

Goodbye winter ;)
Well, not so much winter at home really ;)

petek, 21. december 2012

Maybe last flight in this year

As my wings went to the new owner already I had a chance to have  a Litespeed S4 to test fly here in December. Not so much good weather this year but still I had a chance to taste some thermals also with this design of the glider. First day was not that promising as the glider had a strange set up so I took my time to make it different. Yesterday we went to Kovk where I had a chance to make some turns in uplifting air and the glider felt comfortable already after 5 meters in the air.
Second test yesterday was a new sonic vario that I integrated in to the helmet. In turkey I had big problems with vario sound as I did not hear it as soon as I was over 70 km/h. So, taking first turns in to the thermal where more vision like not just by sounds of the vario. Not nice to look at vario at what is happening while you should concentrate on making turn in the right area of the best lift. Looks like problem solved now, this small blue thing screams in the back of the noisy 4-fight helmet so there is no need to look at vario any more. However, I am missing one point with this small thing. You can set it to where is sink tone, you can change volume, but you can not change the frequency of beeps. It is quite a screamer at 3 m/s but I will just have to get used that while it is screaming like hell I am still not on my way to moon but in a decent thermal :) 
Working week ahead now, then it is time to start packing :)

torek, 18. december 2012

Autumn sky dreaming

This was waiting for me at hard disk of my computer for a day when I will have a felling to edit some videos again. Well, edit them for my pleasure not by obligatory work :)
One of the last flights with my Rs that found new owner and am sure that he will have just as much joy with it as I had.
Enjoy it ;)

nedelja, 16. december 2012

Home valley

Yes, I am starting to repeating myself with this Soča valley stuff. But, this one is worth of sharing. A team of filmers spend their summer filming all of the beauties around the hidden corners of this pearl. With a budget like this, they where able to come up with something really cool and I thought it is worth of sharing this with you.

torek, 04. december 2012


It is my third winter now here in Gorica and maybe first normal one if we look at weather. Last two years we had lots lots of flying days, now, this year it is all about rainy days.
At one point rain was so hard that we had quite a flood in Tolmin. You can look at the picture and those who where here before will know where this lake is standing on now :) This used to be our landing place and now it was full of water, so no landing, maybe just a kayak session :)

Anyway, today was day with snow, but tomorrow looks like we will get to fly a bit, fingers crossed. I have a Litespeed S4 to test fly here for one of our club members. It is just amazing how many Moyes gliders turned out to get to Slovenia last year. Pilots young and old are admiring its handling and it is nice to see that picture when you come to take off when your glider has some brothers standing there waiting for a flight.

lots of work, lots of emails but all made with joy. I am glad I have so much help down under and I can say it is all prepared now for me to sit on this plane and go down under for a dose of summer sun.
Yesterday I got a snap shot of my wing being prepared for the race. Thanks to Christina I got this nice picture to my Facebok wall. Happy about that :)

Season 2013. Unbelievable but yes :D It already started with signing for the first race in the year in my backyard Vipava valley. In March we will yet again open European season with this great racing competition. Last year we had a day with 60 km/h average speed on 95 km task. This speed belong to Tom Weissenberger who is on the mission to fly BIG in Chile. Looks like he found a nice place there with long ridge facing over the ocean to race on. Picture he is sending up on his Facebook profile are just amazing. I hope he wont mind if I steal one to show it to you :)