torek, 13. avgust 2013

Kobala open 2013, task n1

We had a short 78 km task today, because front was coming later in the day.
Conditions where quite strong and turbulent but many pilots made it to the goal after the task that ran up and down the valley.
We formed a leading group of four pilots and finished the task quite fast. Franc was first, Iztok was second, my mistake after gliding to slow in unpredicted conditions but I should get quite some leading points.
Tomorrow looks like a rain day, pilots might go to Reggae festival that starts here tonight. But, you never know, too much flying during the night might be costly for next day if a miracle happen :D

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torek, 06. avgust 2013

Home sweet home

The heat wave came to Slovenia as well, no clouds, only the mountain peaks, inviting from far to come up and cool down a bit. But getting there is a long way trough few inversion layers.
I remember a season where I have not seen the top of mountain Krn for nearly whole year, this year there is nearly no flight where I would not get sight on the top of it.

Paragliders had their nationals here so I flew some times with them, with the task getting back to Triglav I joined them and flew close to Triglav but in the end I even made it back to Tolmin. Wonderful flight, short but nice.
From 12th to 18th we have traditional Kobala open, a competition where I mostly did most of mistakes thinking I know the area :) Now it will be just an open competition not nationals anymore so the pressure will be smaller and I might change my tactics here.
After that, on 14th of September I will organize a speed gliding event.Soca Outdoor Festival which will be held here at that time. I hope for lots of spectators that will watch our sport over their heads.
A fun competition with only one run from Kobala to the castle, church and then landing, all packed in the